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Here we will give you free tips and advice on growing these magnificent trees, and, a complete 'how to' guide.

If you are starting a tree, or thinking about starting a tree you have come to the right place! We have everything you need right here to help you on your way to success!

This ancient art (often misspelt as bonzai) is simply amazing. Watching beautiful dwarf trees take shape is almost as if you are manipulating nature! What's more, its easy! Shhhhhh, don't tell everyone. We don't want the whole neighbourhood stealing your thunder do we?

In the wild, trees grow as large and proud as they want to. Imagine having a giant oak tree in your living room! Impossible right? Not at all. This wonderful hobby, translated as 'basin planting' in Japanese, is the art of tree dwarfing. Thats right, you can have a fully grown oak tree as an ornament!

Most think that the art of tree dwarfing requires the use of particular trees.

Not so!

The art of tree dwarfing can utilise any tree you like, although there are definitely species of tree better suited....... Trees that look amazing after being dwarfed usually have nice thick trunks, interesting foliage, amazing branch lines and a nice overall appearance.

Please allow us to help you learn the art of Bonsai care. We have specific species guides on trees such as Maples, Junipers and others, an extensive image base, a great deal of information on the art itself and a truckload of tips and advice!

With the right knowledge you too can become an artist with a stunning collection of dwarf trees!

What is Bonsai?
What is Bonsai? Discover what this art form is all about!
Bonsai Tree Information
Bonsai tree information and introduction to the art!
Bonsai Trees
Our Bonsai Trees Guide has everything you need to know about the popular and rare Bonsai species!
bonsai tree types
Learn about the different bonsai tree types! Here you will find free care guides on all the species of bonsai!
History of Bonsai
The history of Bonsai explained, discover what its all about!
Zen Bonsai
Zen Bonsai, a spiritual, relaxing and fulfilling art…..
Bonsai Tree Species
Bonsai tree species are vast and wide. Yes, there are more species than the Karate Kid Bonsai!
Bonsai Tree Soil
Bonsai tree soil contains all the nutrients your Bonsai needs… Make sure your tree is happy!
Bonsai Watering
Bonsai watering is as important as sun and oxygen!!! Discover Bonsai watering tips….
Pruning Bonsai Tree Guide
Pruning Bonsai tree tips to help win the Bonsai pruning battle!
Caring For Bonsai Plants
Are you caring for Bonsai plants and need a little guidance? Discover our free tips!
Taking Care of Bonsai Trees
Taking care of bonsai trees is both fulfilling and awe-inspiring. Find out how and why!
Bonsai Care
Get free information on Bonsai care! Ensure your Bonsai are recieving the best care possible!
Bonsai Tree Care Instructions
Do you have an interest in Bonsai? Improve your knowledge with free bonsai tree care instructions!
growing bonsai trees
If you are growing bonsai trees, ensure you don't miss our free tree care guides!
How to Make Bonsai
Welcome to Part One of our 'How To' guide on Bonsai. Part One of our free guide will teach you How to make Bonsai. Lets get Started!
Bonsai For Beginners
Check out our free Bonsai for Beginners guide! Everything you need to know to get you started!
How to Prune Bonsai Tree
Want to know how to prune Bonsai? Get some help with our how to prune Bonsai tree tips!
How To Bonsai
Want to learn how to Bonsai? Check out our free information and guides......
Bonsai Wire & Wiring
An important stage of your tree's development is the use of Bonsai wire to shape and sculpt. Wiring of Bonsai is easy! Let us show you....
How To Grow Bonsai Tree Guide - Part 2!
Part 2 of our How to Grow Bonsai Tree Guide! If you're rescuing trees from the wild don't miss this important information!
Bonsai Shaping
Discover Bonsai shaping techniques and information. Know the type of Bonsai you want to grow, and more more importantly, what shape you want!
Indoor Bonsai Care Tips
Indoor Bonsai care tips! Find out how to care for indoor trees……..
Indoor Bonsai Trees
Indoor Bonsai trees will impress guests and look great at home! Find out how.......
Juniper Bonsai Care
Juniper Bonsai Care Information! Learn how to care for the most popular type of Bonsai!
Japanese Maple Bonsai
The Japanese Maple Bonsai is the most beautiful of all Bonsai. Find out why……
Maple Bonsai Guide
The Maple Bonsai Guide. Everything you need to know about these stunning trees!!
Bonsai Maple Tree Information!
Bonsai Maple Tree Information….. Discover these beautiful trees!
Bonsai Maple Care Guide!
The Bonsai Maple care guide….. Learn how to care for Maples!
Grow Bonsai Tree Checklist!
Make sure you follow our Grow Bonsai Tree Checklist to ensure you plan for your tree's success!
Bonsai Juniper Care
Bonsai Juniper Care. Learn how to care for the mystical Juniper tree!
Bonsai Junipers
Your guide to Bonsai Junipers. Learn how to grow and care for these trees.
Bonsai Juniper Guide
Your Bonsai Juniper Guide. Learn how to grow and care for Juniper trees
Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree
The Chinese Elm Bonsai tree is magnificent. Find out why.....
Bonsai Pine Trees
Bonsai Pine Trees Guide. Learn how to grow and care for Bonsai pines!
Bonsai Cypress Trees: the perfect garden ornament!
Bonsai Cypress Trees. A great addition to the garden……..
Azalea Bonsai Tree Information.
Azalea Bonsai Tree Information. The Azalea is a true Spring gem…… Find out why!
Willow Bonsai Information
Willow Bonsai Information. Find out how to care for Bonsai Willows!
Bonsai Olive Tree Information
Bonsai Olive Tree Information. Is it possible to Bonsai an Olive?
Bonsai Ginseng Ficus
Bonsai Ginseng Ficus Information. Tropical paradise at home!
Types of Bonsai Trees
Types of Bonsai Trees. Come and find out which type you should grow!
Bonsai Oak Tree
Bonsai Oak Tree Information. Learn how to grow and care for the magnificent Oak!
Bonsai Tree Image Library
Enjoy our Bonsai Tree Image Library!
Dwarf Japanese Maple
Dwarf Japanese Maple. This species of Maple looks amazing as Bonsai. Have a look!
Jade Bonsai Tree
The Jade Bonsai Tree is a contrasting change in any Bonsai collection!
Bonsai Bougainvillea
Bonsai Bougainvillea Tree Information. Learn how to grow and care for this colourful species!
Ficus Bonsai Tree
The Ficus Bonsai Tree is a tropical wonder! Find out how to grow and care for one!
Trident Maple Bonsai
The Trident Maple Bonsai is the most stunning of all Maples. Come and learn how to grow one!
Banyan Bonsai Tree
The Banyan Bonsai Tree is a perfect Bonsai candidate. Come and find out how to grow one!
Bonsai Dwarf Jade
Bonsai Dwarf Jade. Find out what the Jade tree is all about!
Boxwood Bonsai Tree
The Boxwood Bonsai Tree is perfect for those learning how to Bonsai! Come and discover the mighty Boxwood!
Buy a Bonsai Tree
Buy a Bonsai Tree! We carefully handpick excellent trees to buy online!
Buy Bonsai!
Buy Bonsai today! We have handpicked the best trees to buy online
bonsai garden tools
Make sure you have the right bonsai garden tools for the job!
bonsai plant food
information on Bonsai plant food. Find out how to feed your Bonsai!
bonsai tree fertilizer
Your tree needs bonsai tree fertilizer! Visit us to ensure you know exactly what you're doing!
japanese bonsai pot, chinese bonsai pot
Japanese bonsai pot information. Learn which pot to use with our free guide!
Bonsai Made Easy Feedback
We welcome feedback and comments!
plastic bonsai pots
Plastic bonsai pots are good for a while, but don't you envision something more magical for your beloved bonsai? We'll show you how......
bonsai plants care
Our guide to bonsai plants care. A quick and simple guide to ensuring your Bonsai are fit and healthy!
Ponytail palm bonsai
The ponytail palm bonsai. Find out how to grow and care for one!
old bonsai trees
Old bonsai trees are truly magical, not to mention amazing looking! Find out why..........
bonsai fruit trees
Growing bonsai fruit trees is easy. Find out how!
wisteria bonsai tree information
The wisteria bonsai tree is colourful and fragrant. Come and learn how to grow one in our free guide!
The magnificent yew bonsai
Be captivated by the yew bonsai. A classic species!
Japanese Bonsai Garden
Turn your bonsai collection into a japanese bonsai garden!
sago palm bonsai
The sago palm bonsai is well suited to bonsai. Come and learn how to grow one!
schefflera bonsai
The schefflera bonsai is one of the hardiest species of indoor bonsai. Yep - very easy to grow. Find out how!
The podocarpus bonsai
The mighty podocarpus bonsai is a perfect bonsai specimen. Come and find out how to grow one!
Grow a miniature bonsai tree
Growing a miniature bonsai tree is like playing god! Come and find out why!
holly bonsai
come and find out how to grow a holly bonsai tree!
Bonsai Tree Pics
Come and check out our library of amazing bonsai tree pics!
chinese bonsai tree
A chinese bonsai tree is an amazing choice for bonsai, and differs from the now-popular Japanese style. Come and learn!
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Bonsai Tree Gifts
Bonsai is the perfect gift! Bonsai tree gifts are unique and will keep giving for years!
The lantana bonsai tree
Come and learn about the amazing lantana bonsai tree!
Powder Puff Bonsai
Powder puff bonsai trees looks truly amazing with their bright, puffy flowers! Come and find out more!
Redwood bonsai
Welcome to our page on the mighty redwood bonsai! This upright gem is tall and gracious. Find out how to grow one of your own!
The aromatic rosemary bonsai
How would you like to own an aromatic rosemary bonsai? Treat your roast lamb to some 'bonsaied' rosemary leaves!
Beginner bonsai making
Come and learn the art of beginner bonsai making. We will tell you which tree you should start with!
The incredible acacia bonsai
The incredible acacia bonsai. A perfect tree to develop your bonsai skills!
Bonsai tree faqs
Do you have a question? See if our bonsai tree faqs has the answer!
Bonsai tree winter care
Learn how to care for your bonsai with our bonsai tree winter guide!
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take care of bonsai, made easy!
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How to bonsai trees cascade style!
Come and learn how to bonsai trees cascade style! We'll show you how!
The grand bonsai elm!
Come and learn how to grow a grand bonsai elm!
Our planting bonsai trees guide!
Do you need help planting bonsai trees? We can help!
Make bonsai trees, and display them in your garden!
Come and find out how to make bonsai trees, and how to make them a part of your garden display!
The shogun bonsai
Come and learn about the ancient and mystical shogun bonsai!
The stunning bonsai gardenia, simply beautiful...
Come and learn how to grow the beautiful bonsai gardenia
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