a couple of questions about my choice in tree

by Carlos

Hello i completed the questionaire survey thing to see which tree is best for me and where i live(houston texas)and the juniper was recomended but i was wondering about other trees the ones i had in mind were trident maple, redwood, and japanese black pine...which of these trees is best suited for where i live and for a beginner like me....... i live in houston texas it is hot, sunny, and humid during the summer and pretty cold in winter(usually) the spring is the best sunny not to hot and a nice cool breeze. so which of the trees i listed would be best for me a beginner.


Hi Carlos,

I would suggest looking at the Trident Maple. Junipers are easier, but if you're up for more of a challenge, try the Maple. Just make sure you have well draining soil and water frequently!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lee (admin)

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