The incredible acacia bonsai


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The acacia bonsai is one of the most interesting and fun trees that will develop your bonsai skills!

The acacia is a fantastic all-rounder and will test your pruning and wiring techniques, whilst remaining easy to grow and care for! A true gem in the bonsai crown!

Let's look at this wonderful tree!

So, the acacia is an outdoor, semievergreen tree that sprouts feather-like medium-green coloured leaves. The leaves stay quite symmetrical which makes the tree perfectly suited to bonsai! They have a tendency to grow up and out very quickly, so you have to keep your pruning shears close, and not be afraid to use them!

The acacia blooms quite often throughout the year, sprouting forth wattle-like flowers, both fragrant and stunning to look at! Getting your acacia to flower will be your greatest challenge, making the acacia a great project! If you fail to induce flowering, stay on the horse! This may take time, and with the right care you will win, and be ever-satisifed because of it!

Moving on.......

Soil, lighting & Watering

• Use a well draining basic bonsai soil mix

• Your acacia bonsai will perform best in full sunlight, but with wintering indoors. They will perform as well in full morning sunlight, so if your garden has part-shade, don't worry, your acacia will still grow!

• Acacias do not like wet/moist conditions, so allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Water twice a day in summer (morning and night) and once a day in cooler months. Acacias are more drought tolerant than other trees so don't stress if you miss an odd watering!


• During the growing season (Spring), feed your acacia bonsai tree every 2-3 weeks with a basic bonsai fertilizer such as Osmocote. ensure a low nitrogen count to promote flowering!


• Repot your acacia every 3 years, on average. Ensure you repot using a well-draining soil and remove as much top growth as you do roots. Then you can start thinking of the perfect acacia pot!

Pruning & Wiring

• Your acacia bonsai will have a tendency towards throwing growth at the top of the tree which can destroy lower branches and harm the overall bonsai aesthetic. Ensure you perform constant pruning at the top of the tree to encourage lower growth

• Leaf pruning can be quite useless due to the molecular structure of the leaves - its all about the branch pruning! The leaves are compound so cut at branch joints!

Wire your acacia every second year at the start of Spring. Be careful though, the branches can be delicate and prone to snapping!

• You can opt to tie branches down if they appear too brittle. If not, use a light gauge wire but wrap the branches first!


• Acacias generally suit a range of bonsai styles. We feel your acacia bonsai will look great as Formal/Informal Upright with a large canopy spread, mimicking nature, this can also be referred to as Broom

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