Beginner's question

by Ann Inez
(St. Louis USA)

I have greatly enjoyed your site the past few months. I recently moved to an apartment with a great 'sun-porch'; very warm in summer, pretty cold in winter. I began collecting seeds, cuttings and rescues some months ago, and though most are presently outside, with the windows open and the morning sun, they seem to do very well in this room. I have about forty maples from seed, Kentucky coffee from seed, cypress, spruce, variegated willow, azalea, and several others. All of these are doing quite well and I previously read that I should just leave them alone for the first year. However, the maples are shooting for the sky and the foliage on the coffee trees is jungle-like. I considered cutting on them but would appreciate the advice of someone who knows. I intend to move them to the sun-porch come harsher weather.

I have also collected seeds for plum, cherry, pear and apple that I suppose I should wait now until next spring to start? Again, thanks so much!

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