Bonsai Dreams

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)

I first started playing around with bonsai trees in Aldergrove British Columbia. I lived in a rental property so I was reluctant to plant too many shrubs in case I had to move, so growing little trees in containers fit my requirements perfectly. I could have real trees that could be moved if I did, and pruning, repotting and planning their next branch removal or root pruning gave me a lot of satisfaction.

The best little trees were either ones I grew from seed, or found in the woods on a hike, or in a hedgerow. Those that were damaged, and yet still managed to survive and grow around their defects were the best, and when I grew my own I could start root pruning them right from the very first potting up without any stress for the plant.

The larches – Larix decidua - in particular really appealed to me, as they are coniferous, bearing their seeds in cones, yet deciduous, losing their leaves after turning colour in the fall. Well known for their beautiful golden autumn colour, and fresh green needles in the spring, they were the perfect tree for my project.

I spent many happy hours with my trees, trimming and wiring the branches to suit the picture in my mind, and finally I could pot the best of them up into the handmade pots I had made at my parents pottery studio. The results were outstanding, and the time spent on their care was very worthwhile.

Sadly, I lost many of my trees to a sudden cold snap when the weather went down to -18 degrees Celcius. I still dream of one day starting some more little trees to make into bonsai, and plant into their own tiny tray like pots, only this time I’ll keep them in the root cellar for the winter where the weather is always above freezing.

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Nov 05, 2015
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by: sunny

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Dec 02, 2012
jackie from BC. im from aldergrove as well
by: Anonymous

hello there ,
i grew up in aldergrove, and i have also recently fell in love with bonsai.

i was wondering if you could enlighten me in regards to pruning times in the early winter, ie now,

i have a few 15- 20 year old shrub styled junipers.
ive reduced there foliage to 1/4 what it was, i did this in the spring, along with a heavy wiring session,

there both still alive and doing well,
heres my spot,
im going to be moving them either into my house neer a window, or building a cover area for them,

i was wondering if its acceptable to repot and prune roots at this time of year, or will i kill them,
i also have a Scots pine yamadori from chilliwack i harvested, and am unsure of the same question regarding this tree.

thanks for your time,

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