Bonsai Dwarf Jade

dwarf jade

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Welcome to our Bonsai dwarf Jade information!

Here we will give you an overview of the Jade Bonsai tree and have handpicked a perfect specimen you can buy (if you live in the USA!).......

Firstly, the Bonsai dwarf Jade is an indoor species of flowering Bonsai that looks amazing throughout all seasons. After all, it is one of the best evergreen species of Bonsai!

Most Jades grace the kitchens of lucky Bonsai owners that enjoy the red-bordered leaves throughout sunny periods, and star-shaped blossoms during Autumn.

Did we mention?........ They are easy to look after!

The Jade tree is thought to bring good luck to owners and is often referred to as a money tree. The name Jade was arrived at due to the incredibly vivid green colour of it's succulent leaves that retain a large amount of water.

The dwarf Jade only requires normal watering throughout the growing season. They retain moisture well, through their leaves, and require less water in Winter; around once every 2 days. They enjoy full sunlight (indoors - on a window ledge), but do not react well to extremes, so no over-exposure!!!

Jades like well-drained soil and only require a basic Bonsai soil mix, one with grit to allow drainage.

Mealybugs and Aphids can be a problem for the Jade tree, but only if you fail to stay on top of it!

So now you know some basic information about the Jade, we have picked a perfect specimen for your kitchen. Before you buy it, please read our detailed Jade care guide to read information on pruning and care!

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