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Welcome to our bonsai elm page!

You've come looking for some information on growing your own elm? Well, we can help you!

The elm is a very popular species, and they are not too hard to grow and care for. Their asymmetry is a thing of beauty, and will increase the attractiveness of your garden or bonsai collection!

So lets get started!

Elm trees are mostly deciduous, and are primarily at home in Asia. They have spread throughout Europe and are now seen all around the world, mostly due to their amazing appearance, as people have planted them everywhere!

There are over 30 species of Elm, but the most common types for use in bonsai are:

Chinese Elm

• Field Elm

• Winged Elm

• Cedar Elm

• Japanese Elm

Onto the good stuff!

Soil, Lighting & Watering

• Ensure you use a well-draining soil. Your elm will not react well to sitting in pools of water!

• Use a basic bonsai soil mix

• This is the best part.......... Your elm will perform well in sun or shade! They are a hardy species of bonsai, and will do well in most conditions. Just ensure that you bring your elm out of direct summer sun if possible, and also freezing conditions!

• Ensure you water daily, and do not allow the soil to completely dry out. Your bonsai elm will die if over, or under-watered. In summer this will ultimately mean more frequent waterings, and in winter less (depending on your climate). Generally though you can tell by poking your finger into the soil!


Feed your elm weekly during Spring (as soon as you see buds starting to open). At the end of spring switch your feeding pattern to every 3 weeks until the end of summer.

• Use a liquid feed that is rated 7 or higher in NItrogen (N)


Repot your elm every 2-3 years. This will largely depend on the health of your tree and it's roots!

Pruning & Wiring

• You will want to prune your elm throughout the start of Spring, when the branches are more malleable, and new buds are appearing

• You need to leave a couple of new buds to promote further growth, and remove older growth. Go to town on it!

Wire your bonsai elm after you have performed the initial pruning. You will want to use cloth to protect the branches if you need to wire tightly to promote some serious angles!


• Your bonsai elm will look spectacular in a Formal or Informal Upright style. However, Elms also suit broom styles. The great thing about the elm is that you can do almost anything with them.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start one!

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