The stunning and beautiful bonsai gardenia


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The gardenia is a popular choice of bonsai, mainly for it's fragrant flowers, colourful and pure appearance, and it's ease of care.

The gardenia is an evergreen species of tree in the coffee family, and are native to parts of Africa, Asia and the Oceania regions. the flowers are mostly white, but can be pale yellow, in clusters or individually.

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Soil, Lighting & Watering

• Your bonsai gardenia will require direct sunlight daily, therefore, you will not be able to successfully grow a gardenia inside

• Allow your gardenia a few hours per day, perhaps in the morning

• Use a well draining basic soil that won't waterlog the roots. you want to keep the roots moist at all times, but not too wet!

Water daily, and sometimes twice on hotter days. allow the soil to dry out a little between waterings - don't overwater!


Feed your gardenia once a fortnight throughout Spring and summer

• Use a basic liquid bonsai fertilizer


• Repot your gardenia every 2 years, remove 1/3 of the excess roots as you go

Pruning & Shaping

Prune your bonsai at the start of spring

Remove excess growth and concentrate on maintaining symmetry between new and older growth throughout Spring

• Remove new buds as they appear

• To aid flowering, partial defoliation can be practical (removal of most of the tree's growth). Leave 1/3 and only do this at the start of spring

Shape your gardenia in a formal Upright, Informal Upright or Broom style

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