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Welcome to our page on beginner bonsai making!

So....... you're new to the world of bonsai huh? If thats the case, then you might be struggling to decide on the right plant for you? Well, allow us to make your entry into this world as seamless as possible!

At the bottom of this page you will find a questionnaire to fill out. We will take your information and email you back with a bonsai perfect for you - thats right, a tree perfect for your living situation! Don't know about you, but how easy is that?

Before we get there though, lets just have another look at the art of bonsai making. We do have quite a lot of information across this site on this, such as our bonsai for beginners page, Bonsai Care Guides, and our 'How To Guides'. Oh, be sure to read our bonsai checklist and tree care information before you purchase a tree...... It really helps!

Ok, so you may or may not know that bonsai making does not require a green thumb. Thats right....... You don't have to be a horticulture genius to grow fantastic bonsai. That is where we come in - we take all our knowledge and experience and it hand it to you! Yes, we are very nice!

Our site has everything from care tips, to shaping, pruning, feeding, potting, choosing pots and tailored species guides. You need look no further than for your beginner needs. Oh yeah, it's all free!

A little refresher for those whom know what bonsai is, or completely new information for those who don't!

Bonsai making is an ancient Chinese tradition of tree dwarfing. The Chinese bonsai artists were considered omnipotent or godly, displaying their control over nature, taking normally giant trees and only allowing them to grow to a desired size. From here the art spread to Japan and then the west (mainly after WW2).

Today, bonsai is considered a fantastic past time and a very zen activity, splicing calm with nature, allowing the artist to become one with their subject and focus on something very organic! You literally stop the tree from taking it's natural course upwards and outwards, only allowing it to grow as high as you want (usually measurable in inches!). This seems abusive, but its not! The tree knows no different!

Bonsai making is very simple. You choose a tree, grow it from seed or from a cutting, allow it to grow, prune and pinch it back (keeping it small), wire it, protect it from the elements, feed it and repeat! No, it is not rocket science, well, at least in the novice stage it isn't........ when you become an experienced master things can get tricky, especially when dealing with fickle trees!

Basically, the end result of your bonsai making exploits is a perfect, symmetrical or asymmetrical tree, small in height, often with a nice thick trunk, full foliage and a sense of pride and wonder. They look great in gardens, on tables or on benches and will impress anyone!

So, if you have decided to try your hand at bonsai, fill out the questionnaire below. Once you've filled in the information we will provide you with a tree and corresponding information to start you off! So easy!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Which bonsai tree is for me? The beginner bonsai making Questionnaire!

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