Bonsai tree care instructions . . . Help your Bonsai thrive!

Please enjoy this list of free bonsai tree care instructions…… Part 6 of our bonsai care articles!

At we understand the attraction towards Bonsai, we live and breathe it!!!

The Chinese have been living and breathing Bonsai for almost 1800 years, and to help you with your art, observe the following list; divided into seasons for your convenience!




• Prepare for the winter according to your seasonal averages. For climates such as those experienced in the United Kingdom, you’re probably going to want to house your tree in a greenhouse/basement etc where they can escape the cold.

• Tropical species must be taken out of the cold and placed inside to avoid cold temperatures.

• Do not allow periods of freezing and thawing. This will disrupt the dormancy of many species.

• Do not allow the soil to dry out.

• Never feed Bonsai during winter.

• Pests and disease love this time of year, particularly environments that are mild and damp – be OBSERVANT.

• Order soils and accumulate tools.


• Stop feeding your tree by the first month of Autumn. For the Northern Hemisphere:- September, the Southern:- June.

• Water continually until mid way through the season.

• Watch for pests and disease.


• First up – do a thorough check of your tree to ensure it has come through the winter with health. Check the roots for rot and check the branches and fine twigs for any damage.

• Decide whether your pot needs repotting, if it requires a larger home particularly.

• Nurseries receive Bonsai from overseas often during Spring – could be a season to take on a new project!

• Evergreen Bonsai should be given fertiliser in early Spring.

• Towards the end of Spring, deciduous Bonsai will need to be pruned/pinched.

For more bonsai tree care instructions on pruning/pinching click here!


• Bring repotted trees from their shelters out into the sun (ensuring you shelter them from constant direct sunlight).

• Ensure regular watering throughout this season. Once a day should be minimum, but with increased temperatures, up to 2 to 3 times a day should suffice.

• Watch for pests and disease and take action if necessary. Click Here for solutions.

• Prune and pinch regularly. With most species this will need to happen weekly.

• Start feeding deciduous trees as the leaves harden. This generally happens around a month after they have appeared. Feed once a month for young trees, but less for more established trees.

• If you live in a climate that is prone to storms etc during summer, ensure you have somewhere to shelter them and ALWAYS WATCH THE WEATHER REPORTS!!!!!!!!


• Do not keep your Bonsai under a plastic roof! These types of roof absorb heat and can kill your Bonsai.

• Do not keep your Bonsai near brick walls or metal walls etc. These also reflect heat.

• NEVER water your tree's leaves or foliage in hot weather, direct sun or windy days. Leaf burn will occur!

We can't stress this enough, but 99% of Bonsai trees die from lack of water. Don't let yours become a statistic! WATER, WATER, WATER!!!! For more information on watering click here!

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