Bonsai tree gifts...... the perfect presents!

bonsai tree gifts

Hi there!

So you are considering bonsai tree gifts for your friends and family?

Great choice!

Bonsai make amazing gifts and are sure to please the lucky recipient for years to come!

On this page we will make your life easier and detail a few trees that would make perfect gifts, and offer some advice.

There are many occasions that require interesting and unique gifts. It is entirely possible to match a particular tree to an occasion too! For example, we here at are bonsai mad and are constantly giving them out as presents. Most of our friends already know this and eagerly line up, waiting for their hand-picked, unique tree!

We feel that Bonsai tree gifts are great for milestone occasions such as milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries, marriage, engagement, housewarmings and getting over a particularly nasty illness! Bonsai have often been given to ex-cancer patients to symbolise a new lease on life: a beautiful tree to match an amazing occasion.

So, by now you're asking why bonsai make such great gifts?

Well, there are loads of reasons, but without considering any others, bonsai hold a certain spiritual and organic value. for example, when bonsai was first brought to Japan by buddhist monks, the trees were thought to symbolise harmony between nature, man and soul. Bonsai is still thought of as bringing harmony to one's life, as well as peace and balance. Sounds like something we could all use!

Bonsai is a very Zen-inspired hobby, that brings the artist close to nature, almost as one with their tree. In Chinese and Japanese folklore, bonsai is admired, respected and often becomes a focal point within a household. this is why we feel they make such unique housewarming gifts. They symbolise growth and new beginnings and will grow with the family they reside in!

How poetic!

Lets not ignore the main reason bonsai tree gifts are so special! They are one of the most aesthetically pleasing and natural works of art you can produce. Whether on a coffee table, dining table or an outdoor table, they are sure to bring a special something to their surroundings - your house.

We could go on and on about how amazing they look, but you already know that from looking at our species guides, don't you? Don't you

Now, before we get too excited, lets have a quick look at some species that make fantastic bonsai tree gifts!

Firstly, the ultimate tree to give as a gift would have to be the Juniper. The Juniper is a strong and hardy tree that can survive in almost any conditions. They are tolerant of drought and poor lighting and will be very easy to keep. They are also the main focus of bonsai study. Whenever people think of bonsai, they will often picture a Juniper - it is the classic bonsai and great for beginners!

Depending on where you live, an indoor bonsai tree gift may be the correct choice. A Ginseng Ficus is a tropical wonder, and look unbelievable in someone's house. They are low-maintenance and look great all year round.

For the more experienced gardener, who enjoys getting their hands dirty, you will want to consider various species of Maple, such as the Trident Maple. These are literally stunning, particularly as they progress through a kaleidoscope of colours as the seasons change. Maples are among our favourite bonsai and are brilliant as bonsai tree gifts! they do require a little more attention than some other trees, so you wouldn't go giving one to someone who has little time for horticulture!

So there you have it! Hopefully you understand why bonsai are great as gifts and we hope you consider spreading the word! Below are some trees for you to buy that will work great as gifts - just click the pictures!

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