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This is part 2 of our species guide and is arranged alphabetically for your convenience!

Part 2 contains care guides on trees alphabetically from O - Z!

If you are like us and want to own every species of bonsai possible, you have come to the right place! We know that there is a sea of information around on a multitude of bonsai tree types, but, to make things easier we only include the very best species that are most suited to bonsai!

All the trees we discuss are quite easy to grow and are great for beginners and experts alike! As we have said before, the bonsai you choose to grow are not bound by strict rules; they are grown in accordance with your preferences. You decide how you want them to look!

We do however provide guidance, advice and care guides on each tree to make your life a little easier!

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Check out our Information on the Bonsai Oak Tree! Oaks are strong and proud looking trees that are hardy and tolerant of a variety of climatic conditions.

Click here to check out Bonsai Oaks!

Can you grow a Bonsai Olive tree? Yes you can! Olive trees are perfect, minature fruiting trees that are well suited to Bonsai.

Click here to find out about Bonsai Olives!

The Pine is certainly the King of Bonsai. One of the longest living trees in the world, the Pine makes for an amazing Bonsai specimen. They look unbelievable in and outside the house and are a sure way to impress guests!

Click here to learn about the amazing Pine!

The Podocarpus is relatively unknown to the average bonsai artist. They do not grace the majority of bonsai gardens, but should! They are graceful, strong and are so easy to grow!

Click here to learn how to grow a Podocarpus bonsai!

Want to spice up your garden with a little Mexican flavour? The Ponytail Palm looks great with it's weeping fronds and thick base! The ponytail palm is easy to grow and are quite stunning!

Click here to learn how to Bonsai a Ponytail Palm!

The Powder Puff bonsai is a colourful, full-flowering tree that will stun you with its amazing pink hue during Spring and Summer! It's puffy flowers look fantastic on a dwarfed tree and is a great addition to any garden!

Click here to learn how to grow a Powder Puff!

If you visit California, be sure to check out the life-changing spectacle at the redwood forests! These giant forests turn thousands yearly into budding horticulturists, all wanting their own piece of the redwood action! How would you like to grow one of these magnificent redwood trees as bonsai?

Click here to learn how to grow a redwood!

Why not spice your garden and house up with an aromatic rosemary bonsai? Some bonsai tree types can permeate the air with their scent, and the rosemary tree is one of them! Plus, they are perfectly suited to bonsai!

Click here to learn how to grow your own rosemary bonsai!

Why not add a simple, strong-looking tree to your stunning collection? Perhaps a tough-looking Sago Palm will add something special to your house or garden?

Click here to learn how to grow a Sago Palm!

You should try a no-brainer species of indoor bonsai! The Schefflera is hardy and very easy to train and maintain!

Click here to learn how to grow a Schefflera bonsai!

The Trident Maple is a species of Maple perfectly suited to Bonsai. They are proud, strong and look stunning in the garden. Whats more, they are easy to grow and care for!

Click here to learn about the Trident Maple

The magnificent Willow Bonsai is a true work of art. Often called a 'Weeping' Willow, these strong and thick trunked beauties encapsulate the grace of nature.

Click here to learn about the graceful Willow Bonsai!

Do you want to grow a bonsai that is both colourful and fragrant? Try growing a Wisteria bonsai and fill your backyard with a unique aroma! This is one of the most whimsical (gotta love that word!) bonsai tree types........ just keep your pets away!

Click here to learn how to grow a Wisteria bonsai!

One of our favourite bonsai tree types is the Yew Bonsai. The yew is a fantastic species that is much like a Juniper; easy to care for and grows almost anywhere. They look stunning and will complement your collection for years!

Click here to learn how to grow a Yew!

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