Your Bonsai Juniper Guide

Welcome to our Bonsai Juniper guide. If you’re here then you have chosen to grow a Juniper, or are currently growing one.

We’d like to wish you luck with your Juniper Endeavours. They really are a beautiful tree that hold spiritual and aesthetic appeal to Bonsai artists worldwide.

If you are a beginner, you have chosen well!

The Juniper is highly attractive to beginners, as it is a very willing, yet forgiving species. The Juniper is one of the most popular species of tree for bonsai, due to its hardiness and its ability to tolerate both indoor and outdoor conditions.

The Juniper is a rugged coniferous tree with about 50 variations in species; the most prominent being the Chinese Juniper.

More often then not the Juniper species will prove to be strong, easy to care for (wiring, pruning, & re-potting), drought tolerant, and hardy in cooler climates.

Aside from being easy to keep, Junipers are stunning year-round and are great additions to a Bonsai collection, or a great way to start one!

If you're looking for Juniper information, Part 1 of our Juniper guide lists species and will give you general information about these breathtaking trees.

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Do you want to grow a Juniper? Part 2 of our guide will give you the information you need to succeed......

Read Part 2 of our guide to find out how to grow and care for Junipers!

Every bonsai enthusiast should own a shogun bonsai at some stage! The tiny Shogun Juniper is a true bonsai, being kept extra small, planted against rocks in amazing pots. If you have ever wondered what a Shogun is, or ever wanted to know how to grow one - we can help!

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We now have one of the only Juniper eBooks on the internet, dedicated to helping beginners learn!

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