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bonsai maple tree

Welcome to our Bonsai Maple Tree information. Here you will find general information on Bonsai Maples.

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Like us, you probably know that the Bonsai Maple Tree is one of the most spectacular species of Bonsai you can grow.

If you didn't know that, take it from us……. is!

No other deciduous tree can offer you such a broad scope of stunning colours!

It is possible to grow Asian, American and European types of Maple, as well as the more popular Japanese Maple.

In general, Maples can live in a wide variety of soil conditions, from acidic to alkaline, although loam-based soil is possibly the ultimate. The soil can be wet or dry, but avoid the extremes; Maples will die from waterlogging or drought! Again, using a loam-based soil with grit will avoid the extremes.

Maples can remain disease and insect free and will survive inner-city pollution and humidity.

Yes, the Bonsai Maple tree is hardy!

Whilst we can all agree that Maples are hardy, it is necessary to understand that their leaves can be quite fragile. Maple leaves can burn quite easily so ensure you don't wet leaves during watering, particularly in direct sunlight.

The leaves will scorch, wilt and die. Also, if by chance your Maple becomes infected and you turn to insecticide, test on a small area of a leaf first before spraying the whole tree. The leaves often burn from insecticide. A safe insecticide is Bio Sprayday. Also, always remove leaf litter from the pot!

Here are a few species of Maple Bonsai to try……

• Amur Maple (Acer ginnala)

• Paperback Maple (Acer griseum )

• Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatinus )

• Trident Maple (Acer buergeriannum

• Red Snakebark (Acer capillipes)

Japanese Maple (Acer ginnala)

The Amur Maple is relatively easy to keep, hardy and displays marvellously on benches. It's colours are varied and vibrant, particularly in Autumn and Spring. The Amur grows quickly, and grows well from cuttings.

The Japanese Maple and Trident Maple are both popular species. They can be hard to obtain but are relatively easy to grow and stunning to display.

Own this Maple forest exactly as pictured! Just click the photo below!

Trident Maple (acer buergerianum)

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