The Bonsai Oak Tree. Statuesque and Proud!

bonsai oak tree

A beautiful Bonsai Oak tree during Autumn

We here at are Oak tree crazy!

We honestly believe that the Bonsai Oak tree is one of the strongest and proud looking of all Bonsai.

If you look at the picture above you'll probably agree!

Often when people think of trees and countryside, images of crisp Autumn mornings may spring to mind. The English countryside is a stunning collection of rolling hills and thick Oaks. Imagine being able to place a small part of this in your home and garden?

Well, with a Bonsai Oak tree, you can!

The Oak tree grows freely in colder areas of the Northern Hemisphere such as England, Scotland, parts of the USA and many others. A fully grown Oak can surpass well over 100 feet in height, and will have a very thick trunk.

The White Oak, also English, is also a desired tree for the purposes of Bonsai, but are a little harder to train. However, their foliage and colours more than make up for it!

The Oak is a particularly hardy tree and is able to withstand climatic extremes, from drought to sun exposure. This makes the Bonsai Oak tree a particularly great candidate for your care.

The best thing about Oaks then?

They are easy!

If you give your Oak a great deal of TLC, you may even get tiny acorns!

If you find a wild Oak that you need to save (remember, we don't condone taking trees from the wild unless absolutely necessary), be sure to click here to read our guide on how to do so!

Also, be sure to check out our Bonsai Care Guide and our 'How To' Guides!

Lets have a look at Bonsai Oak tree care!

Soil, Lighting, & Watering

Like most Bonsai, your Oak will do best in a basic Bonsai soil mix that is both well drained and also retains moisture. A mix containing some peat and grit will be fine.

Maintain the soil pH levels - between 3.5 and 7.2 is fine!

Your Bonsai Oak tree will appreciate full sunlight and will flourish in such conditions. although this is 'best-case' care conditions, they easily handle extended periods of shade, much like in their natural climate conditions in England.

As we have said, the Oak can handle moist conditions so over-watering is less of a problem than most Bonsai.

Maintain a regular watering regime, once a day or two days should suffice. In Summer ensure you water your Oak at least once a day, preferably in the morning.

Never water the foliage if the weather is sunny. This will burn the foliage!


Feeding is not really an issue for your Oak tree. however, if you live in an area that is quite low-sunlight, use a low-nitrogen feed monthly throughout the growing season. Other than that feeding is unimportant for your Oak!


Due to the Oak being a deep-rooted tree, you will need to repot every 2 years. It can be longer between repots, but for optimum growth conditions, 2 yearly is best.

When you prune back the roots, leave two thirds. trim the excess and ensure the root ball is in good health.

you are best off repotting your Oak tree when the tree is in dormancy, during Winter. Try the beginning of Winter when your Oak is at it's strongest!

Pruning & Wiring

Prune your tree at the beginning of Spring - the growing season. For information on pruning, and a guide on how to do it click here!

Pinch out new buds, but leave around one third of new growth. Oaks need a balanced foliage appearance, otherwise they can look patchy and asymmetrical. Use shears to cut back unruly branches to the trunk.

You want your Oak to have foliage pads at the ends of the branches. Maintain this look throughout Spring but you can also trim off excess growth whenever you want.

Wire your tree when before the branches become hard. Usually you will want to do this after you prune

The Bonsai Oak tree suits a Formal or Informal Upright style. For more information on styles and shaping click here!

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