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This is Part 1 of our tree guide, arranged from A - N, featuring care guides and advice on some magnificent trees!

Allow us to teach you about the popular Bonsai species, including care and nurture information!

Either you are a Bonsai artist already, or you are a beginner, but we can all agree on one thing......

There are a lot of Bonsai species!

Bonsai can be produced from a multitude of different seeds, cuttings and plants, but there are some that are more popular than others, mainly for aesthetic reasons and ease of care around the home.

We will list these for your information, and what's more, we will give you simple care instructions for each species........ what is easier than that?

Before looking at our selection of popular trees, please have a look at our article on selecting the right tree. We explain the difference between natural and stylised Bonsai and show you which ones are easiest to hardest!

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Check out the Acacia bonsai tree. This species of bonsai will test your skills as you work to induce flowering. They are fast-growing, symmetrical trees that require a great deal of pruning, thus, you will become a guru! did we mention they look absolutely incredible? No? Well, they are!

Click here to check out the Acacia bonsai!

Learn about the Tropical Banyan tree. The Banyan is a fantastic indoor species of Bonsai that is easy to care for and grow. They look great and will add a special something to your house!

Click here to read about the Banyan tree!

The grand bonsai Elm will inspire you with it's asymmetrical twists, it's beautiful leaves, and it's colourful appearance! They are easy to grow, so why not check it out?

Click here to have a look at our Elm guide!

No Bonsai collection is complete without the Chinese Elm. The Elm is proud and surprisingly easy to care for.

Click here to read about the Chinese Elm!

The Bonsai Cypress is a classic Bonsai. These Bonsai trees are beloved and adored by many cultures and are very easy to grow and care for.

Click here to find out about the stunning Cypress!

Discover the beautiful flowering Azalea Bonsai. An amazing autumn tree!

Click here to learn about the Bonsai Azalea!

Want to add a little colour and some fragrance to your garden? Try growing the popular bonsai gardenia!. The Gardenia is a beautiful, flowering species of coffee tree from Africa that will impress anyone!

Click here to learn about the Gardenia!

Have you ever considered growing a tropical Ginseng Ficus? This attractive species of Bonsai is straight from the rainforest. Wouldn't you like a little piece of the jungle in your home?

Click here to learn how to grow a Ginseng Ficus!

Want to deck your halls with boughs of Holly? But it's not christmas? Try your hand at growing an incredible Holly Bonsai and turn your garden into a winter wonderland all year round! Well, that is, without the snow........

Click here to learn how to grow a Holly Bonsai!

Ever heard of a Jade Bonsai tree? Come and find out about this tropical indoor species!

Click here to learn about the Jade Bonsai!

The Bougainvillea is an excellent flowering species of Bonsai, perfect to illuminate your garden with it's stunning flowers. Come and learn how to grow and care for one!

Click here to learn about the Bougainvillea!

The Ficus is a perfect tropical and sub-tropical indoor species for Bonsai. Their above-ground roots make for fantastic viewing and with their vivid green leaves, you can be sure the ficus will complement your house!

Click here to learn about the Ficus Bonsai!

The Lantana is an incredibly underrated species of bonsai. This magnificent flowering gem will have butterflies come back time and time again to feed from it's tasty sap!

Come and learn about the beautiful Lantana bonsai!

The Boxwood is an easy tree to Bonsai and has a distinct look and feel.

Click here to learn how to grow and care for a Boxwood Bonsai!

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lime tree 
this is a lime tree that is about 20 years old. it has been grown inside all it life.

What type of tree do I have? 
Hi, I am some what new to the art of bonsai. I was given this plant, and am unsure as to what it is. I think it is some type of money tree. The bark is …

Can you tell me what Kind this is? 
I bought it at a street fair and have looked at quite a few websites and can't quit figure out what she is. If you could help me out or point me in the …

My bonsai 
My Bonsai doesn't look like any of these.. I'm so confused.. maybe someone can tell me what it is ? its about 6 inches across (from longest measure) and …

Fig variety 
The fig variety, also known as the fig ficus, is a beautiful tree. It is the perfect tree for beginners.

Ligustrum ovalfolium update. 
Today I decided to get rid of the reverse taper in the trunk so I cut a ring about an inch long where I wanted new roots to grow and planted it in a deeper …

what kind of tree is this? 
Hi... I am new to "Bonsaing"...I purchased this potted tree...I am trying to find out what kind it is..also, if it is toxic to cats... ________________________________ …

what species of tree is this? Not rated yet
It is about ten inches long and four inches tall. It would be helpful if you could tell me what type of tree this if, i am unsure about how to care for …

26 yr old Japanese Boxwood.  Not rated yet
Enjoy the peace of growing. Namaste.

Great information Not rated yet
Actually the tree is miracle and i was really like to see the tree continuously. because its really beautiful and i like to know more about it too. so …

What type of tree do I have? Not rated yet
Just bought this tree the other day, and would like to know what kind of tree it is as well as the proper procedure for maintaining it. Any help is greatly …

What type of Bonsai tree is this?? And does anyone know if it's poisonous for cats? Not rated yet
What type of Bonsai tree is this?? And does anyone know if it's poisonous for cats?

What type of bonsai is this and how do I care for it? Not rated yet
Help, My daughter got me this bonsai as a "peace" offering and I can't find any information on it or how to care for it. can you please send me in …

The Meyers juniper Not rated yet
My beautiful juniper bonsai is a great sub tropical climate bonsai. It has a very nice dark green colour. It looks very nice in the semi cascade style. …

My Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress Not rated yet
This beautiful Bonsai I got for my birth-day. Very pretty.

Question Not rated yet
Hello I've had it for about 4 months and we've been through some rough patches where all the leaves fall off. I'm learning little by little how to take …

what kind of bonsai is this? Not rated yet
I bought this from Wallmart today and I cannot find pictures of this kind of bonsai anywhere to see how it should be taken care of. Please help :)

Ligustrum ovalifolium Not rated yet
Pre bonsai Ligustrum ovalifolium . Spring 2010.

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