Bonsai watering tips… Find out below!

Lets start by understanding that in Bonsai watering, forgetfulness is the most common reason for failure!

Bonsai watering is a skill, but easily learnt.

Do it rightsuccess! Do it wrong... failure.....

Bonsai masters say that the skill of watering Bonsai trees is acquired over time....
In theory,you should give the tree enough water to sustain new shoot growth. Over-water and your Bonsai will become waterlogged and will die.

Hmmmm, that's not what I want, maybe I'll under-water…..

Nope! Drought will kill a Bonsai tree as fast as waterlogging!

As you can see, within the world of Bonsai watering, there is a fine line between success and failure!


Follow this simple Bonsai watering checklist to ensure your Bonsai are receiving the care they need:

• When watering Bonsai trees during summer, water them at least once a day. In hotter conditions leaves will die very quickly, particularly if the soil becomes dry. DO NOT ALLOW THE SOIL TO BECOME DRY FOR MORE THAN A FEW HOURS!

• Allow the soil to dry out SLIGHTLY between waterings. This prevents soil runoff, allowing the Bonsai to absorb maximum amounts.

• Keep the root ball damp. Not saturated or dry… Just 'nice'.

• In normal weather, watering once a day (in the morning for example) should suffice. Ideally, morning and night is best.

• Do not water in direct, afternoon sun. If you absolutely have to, ensure you only water the soil. Leaves do not like being watered in sunlight.

• Do not water continually throughout the day.

• Never rely on rain to do the job. It is never enough! On this note, if downpours are forecast, shelter your plant to avoid waterlogging.

• Any type of water is fine, provided there are no chemicals in the container you are using!

• No fierce hose connectors!

• Automated irrigation systems are good, although hand watering still wins out, environmentally and in avoiding mechanical problems.

• Water in a 10 second spurt. Leave for a few minutes and then repeat twice more.

• Let the water fall over the whole tree (except if in direct sunlight).

• Ensure the water is soaking into the soil.

• Don't water flowers in bloom - soil only.

• Check the drainage holes on the bottom of the bot to ensure water is draining through.

• Don't allow the Bonsai to sit in water for extended periods of time.

• Enlist the help of friends and neighbours if you go away. Daily watering is always best!

As a rule of thumb it is quite easy to get into the habit of watering Bonsai trees in the morning. This will prevent the soil from drying out through the day.

Seasonal Bonsai watering must be observed too. Ensure that in summer you water more than in winter.

Obvious, right?


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