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If you've looked through our guides and have decided its time to buy a tree.......... Congratulations!!!

Welcome to a fun lifestyle that will be rewarding and educational!

In keeping in the theme and tradition of, we wanted to structure a section that is as user-friendly as possible.

We feel that buying online takes the confusion out of Buying Bonsai and will result in you acquiring a fantastic tree! We only select the best trees from a trusted source and ones that are best value for money! Not many people have the time to spend walking aimlessly in and out of nurseries to find the right tree and honestly, most nurseries lack Bonsai knowledge anyway!

Also, some species of Bonsai are hard to find, but you can be sure we have them all here!

We have developed a constantly updating database of online trees to buy, that we have identified as brilliant specimens.

****You can only purchase trees online if you live in the USA. If you don't live in the USA we apologise for leaving you out, but we're working on databases for other countries...... So sit tight!

Come and check out our weekly-updated database of the best-value trees on the internet; our Bonsai sales page!

Considering buying bonsai as gifts for family and friends? You need to know why bonsai make such great gifts, and the meaning behind them! We will also suggest some species of trees for you to give as gifts - no guesswork required!

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