Can I Bonsai a wild Northern Red Oak?

by Garrett D
(Mount Savage, Maryland USA)

Thats my dad and he is 6'2

Thats my dad and he is 6'2

I am Forest Technology major at Allegany College of Maryland and i have always been interested in the art of Bonsai. The state record Northern Red Oak is growing near my house in Western Maryland and I want to "Bonsai" this spectacular tree. Is this possible? And if so, should i transplant a seedling, or could i cut off a twig?

Hi Garret.

It is possible to bonsai most trees, and I would say "why not?". You could do this from seedling or cutting. Follow our guides on both. I'm not familiar with this tree so I would research how to grow one normally, and then apply bonsai techniques to stunt it!

Good luck with it, keep us updated!


Lee (admin)

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