Dwarf Japanese Maple

dwarf japanese maple

A perfect dwarf Japanese Maple

Welcome to part 1 of our dwarf Japanese Maple guide! We have split the information on Japanese Maples into 2 parts to avoid confusion. This 2 part guide will teach you all about the Japanese Maple and will give you the information you need, to grow and care for one.

You have obviously identified the Japanese Maple as a perfect Bonsai specimen, or you are intrigued and want to find out more......

Allow us to help!

As you can see in the photo, the dwarf Japanese Maple is simply stunning. The photo shows the tree proudly displaying it's vibrant green foliage in Summer, when the tree has exited the growing season and is strong and vigourous.

Most enthusiasts would agree that the Japanese Maple really comes into it's own during Autumn months, where foliage displays a kaleidoscope of colours, ranging from orange to bright red. The dwarf Japanese Maple's 7-palm leaves and hardiness makes it a visually intriguing tree, but also an easy tree to care for!

This deciduous tree is our favourite here at bonsai-made-easy.com and we really cannot stress how rewarding the cultivation of such can be!

By now, you might have already identified exactly how to grow Bonsai, how to shape and possess the knowledge to help you succeed, but, ensure you check out our Care Guide and 'How To' Guide to further your knowledge!
Ok, so, obviously you'd probably have a good idea where the Japanese Maple comes from?



It also is native to Korea and China, and has featured in mythology and folklore for hundreds of years. You might agree that the tree has a very oriental appearance - this in part helped by it's appearance in movies, not as Bonsai, but as wild specimens.

In Japan, a popular traditional activity called momijigari involves the watching of leaves as they change colour in Autumn. Which tree does this involve?

You guessed it!

The Japanese Maple!

If your home needs a touch of the Orient, there is no better way than to grow a Japanese Maple!
It is possible to grow a Japanese Maple in many countries, but they are best suited to countries where massive extremes are not a problem. If you live in the:

USA - fine!

UK - fine!

Africa- Not fine!

Australia - Can be ok in less temperate parts. Places such as Tasmania or Victoria are ok providing they miss extreme summer heat!

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