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ficus bonsai tree

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If you are searching for that perfect indoor tree to Bonsai then look no further than the magnificent Ficus Bonsai tree!

The Ficus is mainly an indoor Bonsai species, and is definitely one of the most popular.

There are over 700 species of Ficus; around a dozen of these make for great Bonsai.

Here is a quick list of the most popular and suitable Ficus for Bonsai:

• Chinese Banyan (Ficus retusa)

• Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

• Willow Leaf Fig (Ficus salicifolia)

• Port Jackson Fig (Ficus rubiginosa)

• Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla)

Ficus Bonsai trees originate (well, Bonsai Ficus don't, you turn them into Bonsai!) in tropical and sub-tropical areas, such as Southern Asia. They have fantastic root systems that live above-ground that can look like thick bulbs. They are a rewarding species of Bonsai and are very easy to care for!

They have small leaves that are easily kept under control that remain a very vivid green colour year-round. Since the Ficus is an indoor specimen, this green hue will look great inside! Such a great addition to your collection!

Hopefully by now you are considering getting hold of a Ficus Bonsai tree! If so, read on......... We'll teach you the necessary tricks to growing a Ficus!

Before you do though, familiarise yourself with our Bonsai Care Guide and our 'How to' Guide

Soil, Lighting, & Watering

• Due to the Ficus being relatively easy to care for, a basic soil mix will suffice

• Observe that Ficus trees, being tropical, are used to large amounts of rain and water. Ensure your soil mix does not retain moisture, it will need to be well drained so ensure you use grit!

• Place your Ficus inside and ensure it recieves sunlight: window ledges are best!

• Ensure you keep your tree away from heat sources or cold draughts etc. Minimise trauma!

• Ficus trees are mainly indoor, but in Summer they can live outside for periods of time. Just ensure you don't allow full sunlight all of the time. This will burn your leaves!

Water your Ficus once a day with a watering can etc. Ensure you water enough by watering in increments, around 3 times total, allowing the soil to absorb each watering before the next


• Feed your Ficus Bonsai tree once fortnightly during periods of growth

• Use a low-nitrogen feed


• Repot your Ficus at the start of Spring every two years to maintain root health. Due to the tree preferring moister conditions, root rot can be a problem. Repotting will fight this!

Pruning & Wiring

Prune your Ficus during Spring

• Ficus trees are easy to prune and shape, suiting Formal Upright, Informal Upright, Root-over-rock and Exposed Root styles

• When you cut back branches ensure you seal wounds. You can actually use the latex sap from the Ficus to do this!

• Use a href="">Wire and anchor branches to the pot to straighten out the branches

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