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Don't worry! there's no tricks here! We have compiled a nice little eBook for those visitors that choose to interact with us! Also, a lot of beginners email asking which tree they should start with, so, we came up with a tailored questionnaire that will compile your results and tell you!

All you have to do is A.) Fill out the questionnaire, and then B.) Signup to our mailing list with your name and email. In return we will give you a free eBook and tell you which tree you should grow!

We hate spam as much as you do, so we will not be spamming anyone! From time to time we will send a bonsai newsletter with tips/hints/videos etc, and news of any future eBooks etc!

How easy is that?

So below is the questionnaire, just follow the prompts!

Good luck, fellow bonsai enthusiast, and welcome to the club!

Which bonsai tree is for me? The beginner bonsai making Questionnaire!

I live in (what part of the country)*
What type of building do you live in?*
Do you have a garden?*
My garden has areas of shade*Yes
My Garden has areas of full sunlight*Yes
I can water at home........*
I will have time to prune and shape my bonsai*Yes

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