Growing from seed - 6 Month Update

by Nicholas Moger
(London, UK)

Wasn't sure how to edit my original post so here is an update. Everything seems to be going well, survived repotting into a very small pot a couple of months back. Lives outside now but is protected by a plastic cover as its not strong enough to cope with wind yet. I'm also bringing it in at night since London has very unpredictable weather at the moment.

The shoot has hardened and changed colour and new leaves are coming through all the time, although slowly. This thing certainly takes it time to grow but I think a lot of that is down to the level of sunshine (not much) its getting in London. Anyway, I've attached a picture for all to see. I'll update as time goes on with any noteworthy changes.


Hi again Nicholas!

Wow! That is great growth!

We think it's great when people take the 'road less travelled' and start from scratch. Your satisfaction levels will be sky-rocketing when you reach your bonsai milestones......... It's first pruning session, it's first wiring, it's first repot etc etc

Just like a kid!

Good luck and keep us updated!

Thanks again

Lee (admin)

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