Holly Bonsai........ Not just for christmas!


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Welcome to our holly bonsai information!

Depending on your culture, you may or may not know that holly is fairly well documented as being the christmas plant! You know the old carol "deck the halls with boughs of holly"..... No more singing now...... We here at bonsai-made-easy.com are bonsai enthusiasts, not singers!

Holly is an amazing evergreen or deciduous flowering species of tree that has the ability to brighten your collection, bonsai or non-bonsai! It is very easy to bonsai, and will look great year round, or especially great sprayed with fake snow around christmas time!

Lets have a look at the holly bonsai in detail, but before you do, if you haven't checked out our Care Guide 1 , Care Guide 2, 'How To' Guides and general information, be sure to check them out!


Soil, Lighting & Watering

• Use a basic bonsai soil mix that is well-draining

• Your Holly will survive in temperate and tropical regions

• Performs well in sun & shade. Where possible allow your Holly to recieve full sunlight and partial shade in hot conditions

• Avoid winter extremes

Water every morning or evening during summer, sometimes more if the soil feels dry

• Never let the soil dry out completely and allow time for soil water absorption before round 2!

• Holly trees take well to misting


• Repot your Holly on average every 2 years, depending on it's growth rate. Never remove more than 1/4 of its roots

• Repot at the start of Spring

Pruning & Wiring

Prune by cutting back new growth, leaving one or two nodes nearest the trunk

Pinch new growth with your thumb and forefinger as it appears, ensuring you maintain symmetry

Wire only if absolutely necessary. Holly bonsai generally have brittle branches that are easily breakable, so shaping through pruning is usually best

• If you have to wire, be sure to use very thin gauge wire and ensure you protect the branches. Avoid outlandish bends!


Feed your Holly fortnightly throughout Spring, monthly during Summer,and not at all throughout Winter

• Use a general fertilizer at half strength


• Your Holly will look great in formal/informal upright shapes. we have also seen great examples of cascade Holly!

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