by Jim
(wirral england UK)

please help

My name is Jim and I would like to make the bleaves on my bonsai hornbeam smaller, how is this done?


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Oct 22, 2015
Education NEW
by: Lilian Frazer

Hornbeam is comparatively small hardwood trees. Well, there is a proper time and way to Bonsai defoliation of preparing them for winter and for their growth. Do you know? In aussiewriter.com review
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Oct 02, 2015
Awesome! NEW
by: Greg

This really helps! Thank you for asking this question. Also, thank you for replying to this issue!

Jun 28, 2010
by: bonsai-made-easy.com Admin

Hi, Jim

Lee here (admin),

You will need to completely defoliate your Bonsai. Bonsai defoliation is the process of removing all foliage from your tree. You must leave around half the stem, which will wither and fall off, but in a healthy manner!

Defoliating a Hornbeam is fine, they actually react well to it! By the next growing season you'll find that the foliage will come through anywhere up to 50% smaller, but you'll have to be vigilant when pruning - stay on top of it!

Since you like in the UK, i'd suggest June/July as a good time to do this. Mid-summer is usually a good time to aim for but a little earlier is ok!

Hope this helps!

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