how to bonsai a 16cm River Red Gum seedling

by Deb
(Lakes Entrance)

My daughters Graduation 16cm River Red Gum seedling is in an approx 3cm sq and 6cm high tubular seedling pot.

I am a beginner and would like to know the following:

1. Can River Red Gum seedlings, be used to bonsai?
2. Do I leave transplanting til Winter? (slower growing time)
3. What size bonsai pot needed?
4. What to fill it with?
5. With a 4-5ml straight trunk what type and gauge wire to keep straight?

Also, do you know of any Bonsai Clubs in the Lakes Entrance area?

Thank you very much


Hi Deb,

Heres the answers to your questions!

1. Yes! Almost any plant/tree can be 'bonsaied'
2. Transplant at the end of winter. This will allow your tree to take to it's new home with maximum growing conditions
3. The pot is mainly up to you. a pot is chosen for aesthetic purposes but as a rule of thumb, your first bonsai pot when the tree is young will generally be bigger than when it is mature. I'd go for a shallow-medium depth oval pot around 20-30 inches in circumference. When the tree takes shape over years you would downscale this.
4. Fill it with a basic bonsai mix -
• 30% Akadama, loam or fine-medium granular structure
• 30% Organic medium moss (bark, peat etc)
• 40% Drainage medium (sand, pumice, grit)
5. Use a very small gauge wire. Try 1-1.5mm. Aluminium wire will be fine. Check our online store for easy options........

Can't help with the Lakes Entrance part though! We operate independently of any clubs etc, sorry!!!!

Thanks for interacting!

Lee (bonsai admin)

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