how to bonzai pomogranite trees

by shirley
(south africa)

How do you bonsai a pomegranate tree and what soil do use?

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Jul 02, 2010
How to Bonsai a pomegranate
by: Admin (

Hi Shirley,

Lee here ( Admin)

Ok, so firstly, you want to go for a Cascade, Root over Rock or Literati style of Bonsai.....

Use a General Soil Mix:

? 30% Akadama, loam or fine-medium granular structure

? 30% Organic medium moss (bark, peat etc)

? 40% Drainage medium (sand, pumice, grit)

· Allow your Pomegranate to recieve good sunlight, but allow some shade mid-way through spring. This will encourage flowering!
· Don't allow the tree to get frost-bitten or sunburnt!
· Keep the soil moist at all times
· Use a deeper pot to encourage better root growth. Probably use a pot around a foot deep
· Cut back the branches and foliage at the start of Spring and wire the branches into shape in summer. The branches tend to be brittle so be careful not to break them when wiring.
· Bonsaing a Pomegranate is much like any other, so just stay on top of the pruning, watering and ensure it stays healthy and cared for.

Hope this helps!

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