How to prune Arboricola

by Ilana

I have a Dwarf Scheffelera Bonsai. I managed to keep it alive for a year! ( I do not have a green thumb). I would like to shape it a little. It is starting to get too full. I do not know where to trim.


Hi Llana,

Thanks for stopping by!

Here's some info to help you with your Schefflera!

Try completely defoliating your tree at the start of Spring. Remove all of it's foliage, promoting growth further down towards the base of the tree.

As new buds grow they will need to consistently pruned back to keep them small. The more you keep on top of this, the better off you'll be in regards to keeping your tree in check.

Wire your tree at the start of Spring, when the branches are more malleable - too late and they will snap. Make sure it is as close to the start of Spring as possible....... Never wire a branch more than a slow bend - complete angular bends will kill the branch completely. No right angles!

Try directional pruning. This involves pruning around a bud..... by this i mean that whatever you prune will force a new bud in it's place. If you desire a new branch in a certain direction, prune around the spot you want it to be. If you trim a leaf stem back there will be a bud where the stem meets the branch. You can choose to leave this or let it go!

As far pinching/pruning goes its quite easy. Try complete defoliation first, then pinching out new buds at the top of the tree, allowing the bottom to become thicker and fuller. Always remind yourself that the end result is an even appearance across the whole tree. At the end of summer you should have an even amount of growth - if not, remove excess!

Hope this helps....... also you can check out our page on the Schefflera - just click on species O-Z on the left of the screen!


Lee (admin)

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