I want to learn more about my tree.

by Markus

I stopped at Chinatown today and picked up this bonsai tree. It was the smallest tree out of the bunch. I didnt quite understand the instructions given to me on how to care for it. So I have some questions.

What is the name of this tree? How old is it? How often do I water it? Can I use a spray bottle? How much sunlight will it require? Can I trim it? If so how? Does it look healthy? And any other tips you want want to offer. If not I understand... I asked alot of ??? already haha jk. I just want my tree to. not worry.. Be happy :) But yea I appreciate it and thanks for your time. I love this tree!
Hi Markus,

From the looks of the photo this is a Juniper!

Rather than rehash information from our site, check out our Juniper bonsai section!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lee (admin)

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