Indoor/Outdoor Guava Bonsai

by Lily
(Upstate, New York)

I brought back some seeds from Hawaii recently, some of which were Guava seeds. I planted all of what was in the packet, and - what do you know? - they all grew. Every single one, and now i have about 28 Guava seedlings. I've never grown a Bonsai before, but Im curious to see if i could transform these normally apple tree sized Guavas to an indoor/outdoor (during summertime) Guava bonsai bush that will still produce fruit when left under a grow-light (during the winter)

This is just an experiment, but it would be a great accomplishment if it actually works. Any advice or knowledge on this specific subject would be great!

Hi Lily!

That sounds like a fantastic experiment! Please let us know how they go! Maybe you could submit a page about the guava for others whom may like to grow one?


Lee (admin)

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