Make bonsai trees, and then make them a stunning feature of your garden!

make bonsai trees

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So you want to make bonsai trees? You want to impress your friends with your agricultural prowess, displaying your artistry for all to admire? Luckily for you this is all quite easy........ just keep that to yourself though......

By now you would probably (we are assuming this obviously) understand that bonsai is the art of tree dwarfing, that is, keeping a bonsai tree nice and small, stunting it's growth and allowing to grow only to a height and width you propose! Sounds like tree abuse doesn't it? Well, its not. Trees don't care!

So, to make bonsai trees, all you need is a tree you like, a pot, some scissors, soil and a dream! If you don't know what tree to start with, you can read our Species Guides, OR allow us to help, we'll tell you the tree thats perfect for you to bonsai!

So, the big question is..... What do you do with a bonsai once you've made it? Where to put it, how do you get the most out of it?

Once you've 'made' a bonsai tree, generally you would have been working with it in a pot. If not, you will have to make a decision on which pot would look best for you tree. Once you've worked this out, and you have the tree fully wired and ready to sit still, you have to work out where to place it in your garden!

If you're looking at creating a completely bonsai focused garden, we have an extensive guide here. Also, we have everything you need from trees to tools in our sales area!

In your current home garden though, obviously you will want to place your newly trained tree in a spot that will draw focus, but not be the main point. In essence, you want to make bonsai trees stand out, but not overshadow the rest of your garden (if you have spent time on yours!).

To achieve this, we find its often best to make, or buy, a display table/bench/podium that will match the type of tree you have, and match the location in the garden.

Since your tree is so small, don't place it next to another small plant/tree. This will cause the trees to blend, detracting the 'dwarfness' away from your bonsai. Try placing your bonsai amongst bigger trees, but if possible, in front of them, almost like the first pin in ten pin bowling!

Make sure you mix colours well. Keep similar greens apart and use shades of reds/browns etc to complement each other. this will generally be done by eye, and will appeal to your own tastes!

Try not to have your bonsai tree on the floor. Try and keep them elevated at eye level if possible, to make the most of the view. If you are wanting to bonsai trees particularly for your garden, make bonsai trees with angles in mind. you always want your tree to be viewable all the way around! Don't just make one 'front' attractive. Everything should be symmetrical!

We wish you the best of luck on your bonsai adventures, and bear some of this in mind when you make bonsai trees to be viewed.

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