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Maples are perhaps the most sought after of all Bonsai, but surprisingly, are not that hard to grow!

Maples are a must-have addition to anyone's Bonsai collection and will add to the vibrance of your garden, even as a lone-Bonsai. These trees are embedded in Japanese and Chinese culture, particularly the Japanese Maple.

Before making your decision on the type of Maple you want to work with, be sure to read our article on Bonsai Maples. Here you'll find general information on Maples, including some popular species...... Read this before continuing!

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You can't go past the Mighty Japanese Maple. the King of all Maples looks stunning through all seasons, particularly Autumn. Check out Part 1 of our Guide on Japanese Maples and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to grow one!

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If you are thinking of working with Maples you will need to understand how to care for them.

Bonsai Maples are relatively easy to care for, but it is necessary to gain a good grasp on some basic techniques around pruning and wintering.

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