Grow a miniature bonsai tree! Its cheap n' easy!


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So, you're looking at growing a miniature bonsai tree? Don't know where to start? Have no idea if you have what it takes?

We're here to tell you you do!

Growing bonsai is an ancient art form widely practiced in Japanese and Chinese cultures. Historically, bonsai masters were considered godly, and were thought to possess magic powers. These days you don't have to be blessed with bonsai godliness - all you have to do is head off to your local nursery or bonsai shop, buy a good specimen and away you go!

Here at we want to take the guesswork out of growing a minature bonsai tree and make the process much easier for you. We understand that in today's society few people have the time to become gurus, but still want to dabble and dip their toes into the bonsai pool!

Sounds like you?

Sounds like most people!

You might already realise that a miniature bonsai tree is much like a child or pet. Actually, lets use a crocodile as an example. Crocs will only grow to a size relative to their enclosure. If you rear a baby crocodile from inches in size, in an enclosure measuring in a few metres, they will grow no larger than a lizard!

This is the same theory behind bonsai! Miniature bonsai trees will only grow as large as you allow, through stunting growth with small pots, processes of pinching, pruning, , watering, planning and practicing efficient bonsai care techniques.

Here is how the whole miniaturising process works......... We also have a General Information page you can check out too, if you want to delve a little deeper.........

Ok, in starting, a miniature bonsai tree is a tiny version of itself in the wild. Allowed to grow wild, trees can reach hundreds of feet in height. Through methods of bonsai, you will only allow them to reach a couple of feet in height at the most!

Take a Maple for example....... A Maple, when left in the wild, will become a tall, thick and proud tree with a kaleidoscopic range of colours through the seasons. What happens when you pair a bonsai artist with a Maple? MAGIC!

This Maple will still grow a thick trunk, thick branches, amazing foliage and look exactly the same as in the wild, except one thing......

Yep, you guessed it! It will be no bigger than 3 feet in height!

This means you can have this miniature bonsai tree on your outdoor table; bring it inside for dinner parties, or perch it proudly in your garden for all to see!

What's more..... The process is fun, interactive and gives you a great understanding of nature and the processes behind the life of a tree! You will find yourself becoming more interested in biological processes behind photosynthesis, soil mixes, wiring and a whole range of bonsai-related methods!

Basically, you will start out with a basic template - whether you buy an established specimen, or start completely from scratch, with a few seeds or a young tree, ready to be bonsaied.

You will decide on a bonsai style, and create your vision through pruning, cutting, wiring and through techniques of manipulation. You will disallow: roots spreading, foliage becoming unbalanced, focus on: miniaturising leaves as well as branches, watching for unruly growth and you will practice seasonal care, mostly around Spring and summer.

Growing a miniature bonsai tree can take years to achieve your desired look. Over this time you will watch branches become out of control and foliage blossom, trying to reach for the skies. Your job will be to wire branches, manipulating them into shape and cutting back foliage until your tree looks like it just joined the Army! Then, months later, you will watch how your blank canvas becomes a work of art, only to repeat the previous steps a year later. You may find that after a few seasons, your work comes to life and your tree begins to look like the above picture!

So, a miniature bonsai tree is one of the best ways to control nature and play god for a day......... What are you waiting for? Go and buy a tree now! If you are a beginner check out our beginners guide for tree ideas!

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