Need help, don't know which Bonsai these are....

by Fleur de Cock
(Malden, the Netherlands)



I'm sure you get this question a lot, so I'm sorry about that. I got 2 Bonsai's at a gardening fare, very cheap, didn't expect much of them, but turns out they're doing great now....only I'm really wondering what kind of trees they are, can't really find them in the Trees A-Z section.

The only thing I know is that they're 2 different sorts, and that's about it. I noticed every tree has to be taken care of in a different way, that's why I'd really like to know what these two are.
I've included a 'full' shot of each one, and a closeup of the leaves, hopefully, someone can help me?

Thanks in advance, Fleur de Cock

P.s. I think the second one is a Chinese Elm, not sure though.


Hey Fleur

Thanks for stopping by.....

So from the photos you have included we agree that the darker tree is definitely a Chinese Elm.

The other tree is a little harder to identify, as the photos are not very big or light, but, we are quite sure it is a Ficus. The trunk, branches and leaves all appear to be ficus-like!

Thanks again

Lee (admin)

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