Oldest banyan tree

by Muralidhara Sharma
(Sydney, Australia)

The oldest Banyan tree is in Bangalore (Bengaluru as it is now called) in India. It is over 400 years old. Please checkout the link http://www.gobangalore.com/aroundbangalore/content/dodda-aalada-mara-big-banyan-tree

I spent my childwood in Bangalore. I have visted the tree many times as a kid. One just can't imagine how huge the tree is.

I live in Australia. I am a bonsai enthusiast. I have quite a few bonsai trees with me. I always wanted a banyan tree. Can I buy it anywhere in Australia.


Muralidhara Sharma


Hi Muralidhara,

Thanks for the information!

You should look at local nurseries, particularly ones that specialise in bonsai. Banyans are not entirely common throughout Australia, but if you are lucky you may find one!

Good luck!

Lee (admin)

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