The mighty podocarpus bonsai



Welcome to our podocarpus bonsai information.

If you've studied the picture above, you would be right in thinking that the podocarpus looks quite similar to a Yew. The podocarpus is an upright evergreen with quite pointy leaves. They form similar shapes to Yews and take on a very 'Yewish' appearance......

The podocarpus is graceful and elegant, and will provide you with fantastic viewing, as a solo subject, or as part of a growing collection. Their barky trunks and branches take well to shaping, and are a hardy species in which to practice your artistry on.

Don't forget we can help you in your artistry! Be sure to equip yourself with our various pages on bonsai care, our 'How To' Guides, our 'How To' Guides

Lets look at the important stuff!

Soil, Lighting & Watering

• Your podocarpus will thrive in direct sunlight. Like most outdoor bonsai, it will need partial shade on hotter days to prevent leaf-burn. They can be grown indoors if lighting conditions are ample, but generally they will perform best outdoors

• Use a basic bonsai soil mix

Water daily, and try to keep a little moisture in the soil

• Avoid temperature extremes!


• Try using a basic 20-20-20 liquid fertiliser. Iron additives won't go astray either, but only during spring

• Feed every 2-3 weeks during spring and summer, and every 6-8 weeks throughout winter and autumn


• Repot your podocarpus every 3 years, at the start of spring, removing around 10% of the excess/dead roots only

Wiring & Pruning

• Promote backbudding by removing two thirds of the foliage and trimming back branches. To do this, only remove half of each bud

Pinch out new growth as it appears in spring

Wire at the start of spring, consult our guides for help

Shape in upright fashions. Formal and Informal Upright are desired styles for the podocarpus bonsai!

• Ensure the wire does not eat into the bark!

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