Potential – what to do next?

by Mike
(Las Vegas, Nevada USA)

I ran across this lay leaf and knew I had to bring it home. I have taken the approach that if I don’t what to do with it I should do nothing until I know. So I’ve come to you to ask the question. What do I do now? It was cut down to the trunk and the growth has all been since April of this year. It is in a 24” box to give you a little scale.

Hi Mike,

What a fantastic tree! good work.........

The trunk on this tree looks fantastic, we feel you need to expose this as much as possible whilst ensuring flow and symmetry.

This kind of tree will benefit from balanced top growth with an exposed trunk. Its hard to see the branches due to the overgrowth, but You should definitely concentrate on a formal upright style, with the growth being allowed to start from about 3 quarters of the way up the trunk...

Once again good bonsai-ing!

Lee (admin)

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