Question From China!

by Jamie


I am currently living in China and was walking down the road when i noticed a bonzai for sale in one of the hardware shops! haha. I couldn't resist buying it having admired so many in the local chinese gardens. And what a bargain £3.50!

Unfortunately my chinese is still a work in progress and I have no idea what type of bonsai it is or how to care for it. I don't want my little bonsai to die so any information would be highly appreciated.

At the moment I am just watering it when the soil is dry and as I keep it in quite a dark place I put it into the sun every few days.

Do I sprinkle water on it or run water into it until it is water logged?
Also the leaves are curling up so i guess it needs more water?

Great site and thanks!

Hi Jamie!

Thanks for stopping by!

It looks to us as though you have found yourself (definitely a bargain!) a Chinese Elm!

It looks quite sick and probably in need of some TLC.

When you water it, do not let the soil dry out. Try to ensure the soil is always moist. Also, you will need to give it as much sun as possible (unless it's absolutely scorching!). Sun and water = growth!

You guys are coming into Spring now so it's probably about time you fed the little fella. Use a liquid fertiliser every fortnight throughout spring, but before you do, remove any dead foliage. It doesn't look like the tree is 'out of control' and in need of pruning, BUT, remove dead leaves......

Check the roots of the tree too, it could be getting strangulated in it's little pot. If the roots are a tangled mess, repot it.

For more info, check out our Chinese Elm guide!

Good luck with it!

Lee (admin)

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