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Whether you're an avid bonsai expert, or a beginner, you can be sure you'll find this page helpful for growing the wonderful, aromatic bonsai rosemary tree!

We here at feel that a balanced bonsai collection requires a number of varied trees, from evergreens to succulents, from flowering to fruiting, and of course aromatic species, such as the rosemary!

Imagine cooking a sunday roast leg of lamb, and leaning over to your tiny rosemary tree and plucking a few leaves to spice up your dish? How fun!

First, we should begin by discussing the magnificent range of colours the rosemary is available in. Shades of blue, pink, purple, white and green will make attractive additions to anyone's garden, not to mention the aromatic scents of pine or lemon! Also, your rosemary bonsai can live to a grand age of 30 years, and will only take around 1 year to establish from seed! Very simple!

Don't forget to plan your tree and make a checklist!

Lets take a look at the specifics!

Soil, lighting & Watering

• You will want to use a bonsai soil mix that contains about 50% organic material with limestone (for the pH levels). Try not to use peat!

• Ensure the soil is well draining

• Your bonsai rosemary will fare best in full sunlight, much like the pine

• Ensure your rosemary comes indoors if ice and frost days are likely in your climate

• If you live in a colder climate, you can use humidification and lamps to grow indoors during winter. For more information on growing indoors, click here!

Water every morning, ensuring the soil is dry before you saturate it again. Rosemary bonsai do not like sitting in water for long!


• Use a non acidic liquid fertilizer fortnightly during spring and summer, use the directions on the back of the container!


• Repot your rosemary bonsai every two years, removing a third of the excess roots

Pruning & Wiring

• At the end of Spring, when new shoots have fully opened, pinch out the shoots, allowing shoots below to grow

• At the start of summer prune back top branches to the stump, encouraging lower branches to come through and thicken up

Wire your rosemary bonsai as required, usually around the start of Spring, before th branches become brittle!

• You will require pruning shears and between 0.5 - 1.5mm wire and other tools to complete this job. Visit our Online Store to buy the correct tools for the job!


• Your bonsai rosemary will look best in Formal & Informal Upright styles. They can also look great in cascade and windswept styles.

So there it is, you now have the knowledge to succeed! Now......... off you go to grow your very own!

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