Species of Bonsai


Welcome to our list of different species of bonsai.

By now, you may or may not know that it is possible to bonsai almost any tree on the plant. You may have also struggled to find the true, or traditional bonsai that you are accustomed to seeing in Japanese or Chinese cultures, on tv, in magazines, or photographs.

We aim to make this easy for you, and point you in the direction of the more common species of bonsai, as is the bonsai-made-easy way!

Here you will find the varied species categorised as beginner, intermediate and expert. We've done this to make it super easy for you to consider what level you are at before choosing a tree to work with!

Ok, so let's have a look at the different species of bonzai (bonsai is the correct spelling, but people often get it wrong!)



The Juniper is a worldwide favourite and certainly one of the easiest to grow. It is famously used in paintings, photography and is admired by all bonsai enthusiasts! Click here to learn more!


The elm is a wonderful species of bonsai. Again, there are multiple variants, including the wonderful Chinese Elm (pictured). They are malleable, easy to grow, and very vibrant. Click here to learn more!


The cypress is a wonderful species of bonsai with a distinct wintery feel. They look fantastic in upright styles, and as a part of a bonsai garden. Click here for more information the Cypress!


A bonsai Ficus, or a Ginseng Ficus is a tropical wonder. They are very easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance. You would most likely see them being sold in a variety of nurseries and garden shops, but don't be fooled! They are a beloved species of bonsai! Click here to learn more!


The Schefflera is an incredibly simple species of bonzai (remember it's spelt bonsai, with an 's'!) to maintain. It is hardy and provides many options for styling. Click here to read more on the Schlefflera!


The Yew is often confused with Junipers, for those without a keen eye. They share many similarities with Junipers, especially their ease of care! Click here for more information the Yew!



Oak trees in the wild, like the one pictured, are famous for their strong trunks and strong appearance. When creating a bonsai Oak, you are taking these attributes and copying them. Thick trunks and strong branches are key features of bonsai Oaks, and you will certainly have to read up on wiring! Click here to learn how to grow a bonsai Oak!


Again, the Podocarpus is a needlelike bonsai, much like a Juniper or Yew. They require attention with regard to pruning, but are generally easy to grow. Click here to learn more!


The Banyan is a tropical bonsai that can be grown indoors, much like a Ficus. They can establish a thick base and look great in people's houses! Click here if you fancy a Banyan!


The Lantana is a species that actually attracts butterflies! If you want to learn about the Lantana, click here!


The Boxwood is a very traditional looking species of bonsai. It can be shaped in a variety of ways and has a certain mystique about it. Click here for more information on the Boxwood!


The Bougainvillea is a Spring marvel! Careful attention to pruning will see your bonsai spring into life with an amazing array of colour. Click here for more!



If the world of bonsai was a country, there is no doubt the Pine would be president. One of the longest living trees in the world, the Pine is impressive in stature, symmetry and beauty. Click here for more!


Maples, including the famous Japanese Maple and Trident Maple, are a satisfying species to work with. They require a careful hand, and can be quite high maintenance, but being a very seasonal bonsai, they are year-long chameleons, constantly changing their appearance, through Spring and Autumn. Click here to access our Maple guide!


Acacia trees are a flowering species that can grow very fast. They require heavy pruning and will present a challenge to any bonsai enthusiast. Click here for more!


Another flowering species, the Azalea looks magnificent as it does colourful. This tree looks particularly amazing during Autumn months. Click here for our Azalea guide! 


The graceful Willow is a fantastic species of bonsai. As they mature, their sweeping or weeping foliage is mesmerising to look at. Click here to learn more about the Willow

So there you have it - a selection of popular bonsai species to get you started, or to add to your existing collection! Be sure to check out our species guides for other species, and to increase your knowledge, and check out our care guides!