Take care of bonsai.......... made easy!

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Are you wondering if you will be able to take care of bonsai, or simply planning to buy or grow a miniature tree and need some tips?

We can help!

Bonsai trees look lovely, and they can make your home and office come alive. Just having a miniature tree around you can make your feel peaceful. The art of bonsai care is a relaxing and pleasurable activity which can become a fulfilling part of your daily routine.

Do you want to proudly display your beautiful and well-cared for bonsai plants in your garden or house, but are worried that you might not be able to take proper care of your bonsai tree?

There is no need to worry! Keeping a few simple facts about soil, light, water, training, pruning and root-trimming bonsai trees in your mind, you will become a bonsai-care master!


Soil is food for your bonsai, and the growing plant needs special soil that drains faster than common soil. You can use a simple mix of sand, potting soil and composted bark to create this soil.

You can take care of bonsai, concentrating on your tree's health, making it grow better by fertilizing the soil. Use a fertilizer that dissolves in water, and apply it after watering to make sure it mixes well.


If you have placed your bonsai inside the house, make sure that it gets sunlight for at least 2–4 hours every day. Your bonsai will flourish if you give it long hours of sunlight.

But you don’t want your plant burnt by excessive heat or withered by frost; so use your discretion. In case it’s just not possible to put your bonsai in sunlight, you can use a full-spectrum bulb as a substitute.


Bonsai trees need frequent watering and different species need to be watered at specific times. Especially, during the growing season, your bonsai plant needs to be moist all the time, however, there are exceptional species that require varied approaches! When you take care of bonsai, never assume the old fashioned "that'll do mentality! always check and equip yourself with a knowledge of the tree you have chosen to grow!

Never let the plant go dry for more than two days. Low humidity and lack of water are the main reasons for bonsai death. When you take care of bonsai, whether it be your own or a friend's, try and treat it like a pet!

Pruning and Training

This is the most challenging and most fun part of bonsai care. Prune and pinch the leave and cut the branches to maintain the design. Relax, take a close look, and slowly start the pruning and training: you can prune more at a later point, but if you cut a wrong part you cannot get it back. Ensure you write up a bonsai checklist!

Root Trimming

While pruning the leaves gives shape to your bonsai, root trimming makes it stay small. You must take your bonsai out of the soil every 2–3 years and prune one to two-thirds of it's roots, depending on the growth, and of course; the species.

After pruning the roots, pot your bonsai plant in fresh soil. Be gentle; place the roots in the fresh soil without causing any injury to the root base.

Taking care of your bonsai just takes a few minutes every day, but the feeling of achievement and joy at seeing your bonsai develop into a beautiful, well-designed miniature tree lasts a lot longer!

So what are you waiting for? You now know how simple it is to take care of bonsai, let's get started! Make yourself at home and let us help you decide on a tree for you to grow!

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