To make the ginseng ficus

by sai kyaw
(taunggyi,shan state myanmar)


the ginseng is the most attraction for me .i want to know how to make it.I want to make my own ginseng ficus.Please guide me to make it.
thank you,



Hi Saikyaw,

Thanks for stopping by!

Firstly, you want to be sure how you want to start your Ficus. Basically you can start from seed, from a cutting, or buy an already established tree from a nursery etc.

We would suggest buying an established tree from a nursery, for ease of starting!

When you have your tree, plan how you want it to look (our guides will show you how to do this).

When you know what you want to do check out our Ginseng Ficus guide to learn how to prune, care and wire it....... You can click this link to go there....

Thanks again for taking an interest in Bonsai!

Good luck!

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