Trident Maple Bonsai



Our Trident Maple Bonsai information will provide you with the knowledge you need to easily grow one of these amazing Maples.

The Trident Maple Bonsai is among a select group of easy-to-grow trees, and is definitely the most suited to Bonsai! Let's call the Trident theJuniper of the Maple world.....

In it's natural habitat, the Northern Hemisphere, the Trident Maple will grow to 9m in height and around 7m thick. Generally speaking the Trident is drought-tolerant and quite easy to grow.

In Autumn the Trident will change through a myriad of colours, including bright red to a light yellow. You will often see Tridents lining suburban streets, particularly in the USA, giving the streets a colourful layer of leaves throughout Autumn!

Before continuing, ensure you have looked at our 'How To' Guide our Beginner's Guide and our Bonsai Care Guide!

So, now you know a little bit of background on the Trident, lets look at how to create a Trident Maple Bonsai

Soil, Lighting & Watering

• As the Trident Maple Bonsai is quite easy to care for and grow, you will only require a basic Bonsai soil mix

• We suggest using a soil mix with grit, to allow good drainage, particularly throughout Winter

• Tridents love sunlight! Expose your Trident to sun as often as possible, but like most Bonsai, do not allow excessive amounts over long periods - this can burn the foliage and kill your tree!

• In Winter, try to keep your Trident out of torrential rain etc, and allow the soil shelter from the conditions. Greenhouses are fine if you live in a very cold region, but generally a shed will suffice

• Despite the Trident being drought-tolerant, it will enjoy a regular watering regime. Try for once a day, and ensure the soil does not completely dry out. Yes, they are drought tolerant but only if they have to be!

• Throughout Winter do not let the soil stay moist for long periods - this can cause root-rot


• Feed your Trident Maple Bonsai twice-monthly

• Use a high-nitrogen feed for young trees, and a low-nitrogen feed for older trees (young=under 5 years)

• If you live in a cold region, use a high-phosphorous feed during Autumn to prepare your tree for the Winter


• Repot your Trident Maple Bonsai every 2 years if it is under the age of 8

• Repot during the start of Spring (growing season)

• Remove up to half of the roots if necessary. The Trident is quite hardy and can handle more, but lets play on the safe side shall we?

Pruning & Wiring

• Your Trident Maple will look amazing with a Formal or Informal Upright Style. They generally take to any style but these are the most practiced and aesthetically pleasing!

• Wire your tree at the end of summer/start of Autumn. Trident bark expands quickly and grows rapidly, so if wired in Spring, your tree will end up with unsightly wire marks!

Prune as needed. Follow our guides to learn how to prune. You will employ the pinching method to get rid of excess growth at the start of Spring and then throughout to maintain an even shape

• You can defoliate your entire tree at the start of Spring - this is not advisable, but will produce an amazing array of colours during Autumn. Many Bonsai artists will defoliate their Tridents to exhibit during Autumn.

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