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So you're looking around for the different types of Bonsai trees? Want to find the perfect tree to grow and care for? Don't know where to start and which tree to decide on?

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There are many, many species of tree on our planet. The art of Bonsai takes a young tree and prevents it from becoming a fully-grown subject as it would be in the wild. This practice works best on a number of tree species, but not all, as Bonsai takes into account the aesthetics of a tree, their ease of care, their strength and their vigour. Not all trees possess all these qualities.

The types of Bonsai trees that we suggest growing are best viewed in categories. For the purposes of helping you decide on a tree, we will categorise the more popular and available trees, as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.....

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The following grow in most climatic conditions, but all require Winter protection in greenhouses or sheds.

• Aralia

Chinese Juniper

Ginseng Ficus (Banyan Fig)

• Oak

• Schefflera

Chinese Elm

• Yew



• Acacia

• Cotoneaster






The following types of Bonsai trees are harder to care for due to the growing conditions they require. The following will only grow in temperatures above 15ºC.

• Bougainvillea

• Crab Apple

• Hibiscus

• Jacaranda


If you live in a temperate country, such as Australia, where temperatures are generally warmer, you should ensure you stay away from trees that require colder conditions. Luckily, for temperate regions such as the aforementioned, expert trees become quite accessible, as they generally require warmer growing conditions.
Choosing your plant - Stylised Vs Natural
There is a definitive difference between stylised Bonsai and natural Bonsai. The easiest way to think about the difference is to consider fluffy poodle dogs.

Poodles are not naturally stylish in appearance. In their natural state they are shaggy and quite unkempt. This is much the same for trees and Bonsai. Stylised Bonsai are indeed Bonsai trees that have been manipulated and purposefully influenced to achieve a specific look, through the use of wire and arrangement techniques.

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Indoor Bonsai

• Indoor Bonsai are usually created from species of tropical and semitropical plants that are tolerable to indoor conditions.

• Indoor bonsai are more difficult to keep, as natural conditions are difficult to replicate indoors.

• The range of indoor bonsai is less than outdoor varieties.

• The most successful indoor bonsai are created from houseplants.

Outdoor Bonsai

• Outdoor bonsai are plants that grow naturally is the same conditions as fully grown plants

• The range of outdoor bonsai is wider, as the range of plants suited to your natural local conditions will be greater then your indoor options.

• Outdoor bonsai live outside permanently, however they can be brought indoors for up to a few days each month.

Traditional bonsai enthusiasts believe that all bonsai should be grown outdoors in natural conditions

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