What kind of bonsai do I have?

by Jessica
(Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

I've always wanted a bonsai tree, and I finally found one at a grocery store. It didn't say what kind of bonsai it was, and it didn't even cross my mind to ask. I've been looking all over an I can't find out anything about what kind it is...I'm on my iPod, and it won't let me upload a picture of it...it has kind of a thin trunk, and medium dark leaves that look more like needles, but they're soft. The tree grew to the side instead of straight up. Can you please tell me what kind it is?

Hi and thanks for stopping by!!

It's a but hard to tell from the description, but it could be a juniper or a pine. If you bought it from the grocery store, it is highly likely that it is simply just a normal plant! Check out our species guides and see if any pictures correlate!!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Lee (admin)

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