What kind of bonsai tree do i have?

by Rosa Romero

hello i am a newbie to the bonsai tree club!these trees have always fascinated me howeeverr as a newbie i have a few questions my main one would what kind of tree do i have and how much water to add to it... i have attached a picture its kind of piney and spikey so i dont know if that helps. the salesmen also gave me a bottle of this green solution called "green green" and he sad to a add a few drops every couple of weeks.. thank you soo much! please contact me at lil_rosa_05@hotmail.com thank you



Hi Rosa,

Thanks for Stopping by!

Ok, so this looks very much like a Juniper.........I would say about 3-4 years old.

Basically observe a standard watering regimen, about once daily for most of the year, until it gets a little hot and depending on where you live (if its hot), twice daily throughout summer - once in the morning and once at night - never in direct sunlight though. This will burn the foliage if you splash any on the needles......

The 'green green' stuff he gave you may be a type of fertilizer - only use this in Spring.

You can check out our Juniper Guide on the tabs to your left and some our care guide, also on your left!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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May 01, 2017
What type is my bonsai tree NEW
by: B S


Apr 07, 2015
what kind of tree do i have? NEW
by: ariel


if you can i would love to know what kind it is and how to care for it correctly!

Oct 31, 2013
What kind of Bonsai Tree do I have NEW
by: Kris

My wife purchased a Bonsai tree for me while in Colorado. We are trying to ID it, so we can then figure out how to care for it. Thanks


Jul 26, 2013
Kind of Bonsai I have NEW


I recently received a bonsai tree with the little man fishing in the pond. I'm not sure what kind of tree I have. The little guy (bonsai tree) is some what slanted. Every website has different care instructions. Can you please help me care for my little guy. Thank you for your help.

Jun 06, 2013
What type of bonsai tree do I have? NEW
by: Anonymous

I just recently received a bonsai tree as a gift and as I looking how to care for it. I noticed there are several types of bonsai. Can you please help me know the type of tree I have so that I can care for it properly. Thank you for you help.

Apr 18, 2013
What kind of tree do I have? NEW
by: Anonymous

my tree has a coiled trunk and oval shaped leaves......

Jul 13, 2011
What bonsai tree do I have?
by: Brandon

My tree has darker green shiney ovalish leaves on it. The trunk is a lighter brown (almost like a white) and it has a lot of leaves on it. I know thats not being very descriptive but I cant upload a picture.


Hi Brandon,

this sounds very much like a Chinese Elm. Refer to our guides on different species and search for similarities!

Hope that helps!

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