What Type of Bonsai

by Mike
(Richmond, VA, U.S.)

Hey this is a picture of a bonsai tree that was being sold at Lowes. I was just wondering if you could tell me what type of bonsai tree it is or if it is even a bonsai tree? Also, I was wondering how big this thing could get if it is a bonsai tree?


Hi Mike!

You've got yourself a Ficus bonsai - that's right, it is a bonsai! It is an indoor, or outdoor bonsai in your climate. If you bonsai a Ficus, you will aim for the height to be between 20-40cm. In the wild they can grow metres in height!

This one is a beauty too, the trunk is developed and lthough young, is close to being very workable!

Check out our Ficus and Ginseng Ficus information in our species guide.

Good luck with it!

Lee (admin)

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