Will it work?

by Tian
(Windhoek, Namibia (Africa))


I bougth a Lantana Bonsai at a nursery in Windhoek, Namibia.
Our climate is hot (30-40 degree's celcius) in sumer time and yeah, rain season are from December till April/May, our winter are not that cold at all, never reaching temperatures lower than minus five degree's celcius.. I do have a little yard, with an kazibu and a huge Siren Tree, theres its mostly cement.. I would prefer keeping it indoors, so all i'm asking is will it be better of outside or inside? I read it should be watered daily when outside, so will the same Guide works for indoor aswell? (Feeding & Watering) Please do reply to this..

Hi Tian,

Your Lantana will fair better outside...... It probably wouldn't fair well indoors. Just ensure you provide shade on scorching days!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lee (admin)

Regards Tian
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