Winter Podocarpus

by Rose

Hi, I was given a Podocarpus in June, my first experience with a Bonsai. I have kept it outside since and it looks to be doing well, with young leaves still appearing. I am just wondering what I should do for the winter period, if it will be OK left outside, I am worried about frost mostly, or if I should move it inside but keep it still in a cool environment as I don't want to change the temperature too much. Any other useful tips for care over the winter, or in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Rose,

It all depends on how cold your area gets. Wintering Bonsai is necessary, as it is a normative part of the life cycle! However, if constant snow/frost is experienced, you will need to provide your tree with some type of protection.

If you have a shed, out your tree in it, after a few days of extreme temperatures, and then bring it out when the temperatures aren't so extreme. You will need to ensure wintering occurs, so to not snap your tree out of it's dormancy.

Other than that, the Podocarpus is quite hardy and will fare well throughout winter!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lee (admin)

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