wolf willow

by Chris
(Calgary AB Canada)

Hello, my name is Chris, and I currently have wolf willow seeds sprouting outside in terra cotta pots. i wish to keep them as indoor bonsai and any information you can give me will help. thank you in advance.


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Jul 12, 2010
Wolf willow
by: Admin (bonsai-made-easy.com)

Hi Chris,

Ok, so firstly, the Wolf Willow is not actually a Willow at all! It is in the Oleaster family.

Oleasters are generally considered to be outdoor bonsai, but do go ok inside, if absolutely neccessary.

If you are wanting to grow one indoors, you will have to ensure you are completely on top of it's ability to get sunlight. This means having the tree on a window sill that recieves sunlight all day, or moving it to areas of sunlight when the sun moves. If you have a balcony or a backyard - use it.

It will be possible to grow one indoors but as I said, its a matter of light. In Spring try and keep it outdoors as often as possible.

When indoors, rotate the tree so it recieves equal amounts of light on all areas. When you water it (daily), only water the soil and do not let it sit for too long in a drip tray. This will drown it. Oleasters need good-draining soil and due to them being flowering plants, they will need careful pruning at the start of Spring and throughout summer.

Hope this helps

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